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Wake-Up Time

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Anand, people with your genetics in their 20s wake up on average around 8:37 am on their days off.

When does your internal alarm clock ring?

Our biological sleep rhythms affect when we naturally prefer to fall asleep and wake up. We looked at data from 23andMe research participants and discovered genetic associations with being a morning person or a night person. Fittingly, self-described morning people tend to wake up earlier than self-described night people.

Your wake-up time prediction

To predict your wake-up time, we looked at 450 places in your DNA that are associated with being either a morning person or a night person. In addition to genetics, as you get older you're likely to naturally wake up earlier. Adjust the tools below to see how different genetics and age could affect wake-up times.

8:37 am

Predicted wake-up time
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Morning Person
Morning Person
Night Person
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Keep in mind that these results from 23andMe research are preliminary and are meant for informational purposes only.

What does your DNA say about your natural wake-up time?

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